Sunday, October 9, 2016

New release - Guise is revealed!

Greetings metal connoisseurs..

Once again this year I have the pleasure of announcing a new release, this time in the form of Meister's debut EP - Guise!

Newcomers to our collective, Meister are an industrial metal three-piece hailing from the North of England. They have a knack of combining cold electronics with massive riffs in a distinctly metal way, highly recommended for fans of Samael, The Kovenant, Ministry or Nine Inch Nails, or for anyone who likes huge synth arrangements and deep vocals in their metal.

Like many other debuts on our label, Guise is 100% free to stream and download, you can grab it right here from our bandcamp page -

Friday, September 2, 2016

Reborn from out of the's here - Koboloris remasters!

The hour is nigh! After many days slaving away in the dungeon-like studio, our audio production orc returns to his masters bearing a polished gem of rather inky blackness.."it's ready" he squawks, a subtle note of pride in his otherwise grim, raspy voice.

However, the master is nowhere to be seen, maybe he is too busy roasting some hipsters on an open fire. Just then, a gaggle of goblins from the nearby forest appear, those big pointy ears of theirs must have heard his declaration. Maybe a few of them will even download it from Bandcamp, who could possibly tell?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Koboloris remasters release date!

Friday 2nd September will be the release date for the newly remastered Koboloris debut album!

Usually there would be a long build-up of promo for these things, but we've been promising this re-release for a while now and as this band remains one of our most downloaded, we decided there was no reason to keep you guys waiting for weeks and weeks.

Just like the original release back in 2012, the remasters will be free to stream and download via our bandcamp page.

Whether you've been with us from the start or are new to Koboloris, there really is no reason not to head over there next Friday and grab the album - we guarantee its the best sounding version of this English Black Metal duo's first EP. There is even new album art which it will be our pleasure to reveal shortly.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Koboloris remasters arriving soon!

Since it's release in 2012, Koboloris's self titled debut EP has consistently been our most downloaded digital albums. Despite not having completed a new album since, support for the 2-man black metal band has not trickled to a halt, defying the laws of today's oversaturated world of digital music marketing, where an in-your-face promo plan is often required just to get any listens at all. So it strikes me, something musically must have really gone right, surely this band still has places to go, grand and grim new castles to build on the foundations of  a debut that refuses to die.

So, in order to deliver a tasty new morsel of audio delight to Koboloris fans, we are putting out a remastered edition of the debut EP!

When we recorded and produced the original back in 2012 (yes, that long ago!) production values were tight, equipment basic and experience somewhat lacking - we still made a worthy attempt, but some musical elements may have been lost in the muddy mixing and the hammer-smashed approach to mastering that went ahead. Now it is our chance to bring you the record as it should have been produced.

More details will be announced soon, with a digital release expected around the end of Summer 2016.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New artist: Meister

Its not every day that I have the pleasure of announcing a new band, but today is one of those days!

Meister is an Industrial metal band from York, England. Expect uncompromisingly heavy riffs, baritone vocals, lyrics like the darkest gothic poetry you could ever hope to stumble across, all over a backdrop of synth orchestras and cold mechanical beats. Did we mention a member of Miseria Visage is involved?!

There is no doubt that Meister marks a departure for Three Rooks, our first foot in the door with electronic music, yet at the same time there are undeniably strong metal elements to their sound.
You can keep up with the exploits of these electro-metal deviants on the Meister facebook page.

So what comes next? Meister are just about to start recording their first EP, which we will be bringing to your ears as soon as its hot from the studio! After that, its time to go on the hunt for live- perfomance opportunities, likely kicking off with club shows in their native UK, naturally we will keep you updated with all things Meister-related from now on!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Three Rooks are flying the nest..

Signs are that our long hibernation could be coming to an end. We are now committed to making 2016 the year that we once again have the chance to sort things out and get back to doing what we do best - bringing new dark and heavy music to your ears. 

Our new mission is to broaden the scope of our collective with new projects and new genres, spreading our wings into Industrial, Gothic and Dark Electronic territory. 

Its also been too long since we've taken on some serious studio projects. The audio production arm of Three Rooks is back, currently working hard to produce music with a fantastic new band that we will unveil soon, of course it will come as no surprise that an ex. member of Miseria Visage is involved.

However, we also want to open up the studio to other bands and projects too! It is through collaboration and combining resources as well as talent, that underground artists can best flourish and prove their artistic worth.

Stay with us - great things will be happening soon.