Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Music from Ehrlichkeit .. a taste of dark things to arrive this summer!

Certainly not for the feint of heart and clocking in at over 23 minutes,
this is dark atmospheric music of grandiose proportions. The new track 'Paroxysm Of Woe' is now available for streaming exclusively on the
Three Rooks Bandcamp, a taste of things to come this summer when we release Ehrlichkeit's album 'Wounds Of Smoke'. We also welcome a  new member 'Miser' on drums, whose morose beats certainly add a extra dimension to the sound.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mourning Hours, new album progress.

A new album by Mourning Hours is on the way. As it looks right now, the new release will be 7-8 tracks in length and if progress continues at the current rate, will be ready in a few months time! We are already talking about how we are going to release this work, most likely as a limited run CD, possibly a download version too. If the two songs from Tribune of Shadow are anything to go by, it will sound better than ever, with interesting synth elements and harder-hitting drums, expect doomy, heavy guitars too.