Friday, October 11, 2013

Selfless Within is here!

The time has come! The new album by Mourning Hours has finally arrived and is available to buy right now on our bandcamp page, check it out here -

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're back .. and we're bringing a new album with us!

Once again, Three Rooks has stirred from it's death-like slumber, and once again our musicians have been very busy behind the scenes, crafting something new and intriguing.

Back in August 2012, the project known as Mourning Hours, impressed us with the debut track
'Us & Despair', followed in September by the first self-produced full length 'A Journey From Here To Nothingness' which we released digitally.

Now, Mourning Hours is on the verge of bringing us a second full-length album, entitled 'Selfless Within'.
With recording and final mixing of the album complete, we will be handling the mastering in-house, bringing you both a digital and CDR version of Mourning Hour's most ambitious musical work yet. Check out this clip of  'Hatefornication', and you will get a taste of the new direction in which this project has evolved ..

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A resurrection is planned ..

Finally, some good news! I've made plans for Three Rooks to make a return to the land of the living and re-open as something new.

I hope to be able to unveil this new incarnation, 'Three Rooks 2.0' if you will, by the end of August this year.

New features:

Artists Collective:
Rather than strictly a label, Three Rooks can be a place where similarly minded musicians can promote their work, and get their upcoming releases and news blogged about (this can include stuff they have done on other labels, or self-releases). I'd also like to make it somewhere where musicians can get together to arrange for collaborations or split releases.

Sometimes a micro-label:
Occasionally, we can act as a label for artists who want a platform for their early-days releases, mainly being for demo's and EP's, or in some cases, for albums that would otherwise be self-released.
We will keep this section small and manageable, so there will be no public submission of demo's, it will just be for the people we already know or who become part of the collective.

Distro / Shop:
The last feature to eventually arrive will be a distro / online shop. This will be linked to the main website and bandcamp. We are open to the idea of stocking mainly demo's or EP's for artists in our collective who want that feature, possibly trading with other small labels. Formats will mainly be digital or CD-based short runs of a DIY type nature, but good quality and NOT overpriced like some labels do.


I'm also pondering the idea of making a change to the actual name of the collective, perhaps 'Three Rooks Music' rather than 'records', if anyone has any thoughts on this, or the new direction in general, feel free to chip in and leave a comment on here or our facebook page / twitter.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Label closing for the time being ..

Sad news - We will be closing our doors at the end of this month, whether this is temporary or for good, depends on how things look in terms of funding. 

It's better to close for a while rather than put out cheap-ass releases. It is possible we could return on a distro-only basis if the future looks more promising. 

I'm committed to helping find alternative labels for artists who have their releases already booked with us (done this for some already). Massive apologies to everyone, and many thanks to those who followed us this far, I will keep this page up for prosperity for some time or in case I can start it up again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Koboloris back in the studio!

Good news - Koboloris has returned to the studio and is working on some new material.

Any signs of this duo going in a more mellow direction have been utterly trashed! Koboloris is going back to doing what it does best - loud, uncompromising black metal, tinged with death influences and infernal melodies that will get stuck in your head and keep those horns in the air.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visual disturbances ..

The creative mind behind Ehrlichkeit also makes pieces of moving image to his music, including this video for Anhedonia Calender Part One.
Consisting of lo-fi footage, unsettling imagery and bizarre animation, this is a new glimpse into the world behind the project.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Music from Ehrlichkeit .. a taste of dark things to arrive this summer!

Certainly not for the feint of heart and clocking in at over 23 minutes,
this is dark atmospheric music of grandiose proportions. The new track 'Paroxysm Of Woe' is now available for streaming exclusively on the
Three Rooks Bandcamp, a taste of things to come this summer when we release Ehrlichkeit's album 'Wounds Of Smoke'. We also welcome a  new member 'Miser' on drums, whose morose beats certainly add a extra dimension to the sound.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mourning Hours, new album progress.

A new album by Mourning Hours is on the way. As it looks right now, the new release will be 7-8 tracks in length and if progress continues at the current rate, will be ready in a few months time! We are already talking about how we are going to release this work, most likely as a limited run CD, possibly a download version too. If the two songs from Tribune of Shadow are anything to go by, it will sound better than ever, with interesting synth elements and harder-hitting drums, expect doomy, heavy guitars too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb-March 2013 artists progress report!

So what are our artists up to?

Morodh went back into the rehearsal studio recently and are writing material for their first album-length release! You can keep up-to-date with Morodh's activities through Ragnaar's blog.

Miseria Visage is in the process of planning and collecting ideas for a new work, after only just releasing their first debut CD EP 'Vanish Into Dark' which you can get right now, from bandcamp!
You can get insights from the darkly eccentric world of Miseria Visage by visiting Theta's blog.

Mourning Hours is currently writing music for a new album, so far we've heard some samples of work-in-progress tracks that sound great, looking forward to this one. We are planning a short run CD release for this new work. Find out more on the Mourning Hours website.

After writing some new material for our 'Tribune Of Shadow' sampler, Koboloris has taken a short break to recharge their creative energies. Now they are showing signs of a new direction, centered around a different approach to the guitar sound and drums. You can hear a sample of this on soundcloud.

Bergelmir is waiting for the right conditions to finish off recording the debut release 'Infernal Solitude', you can't rush work like this, we know when it's ready we will have some excellent raw DBM on our roster. 
Check out the demo song 'Niflheim' on youtube!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breaking the silence ..

We've been quiet recenty, so I decided it was time to give everyone a heads-up on the state of our label and what we're going to be doing for the year ahead.

Tough times for funding our label have forced us to re-think how we look at demo's and be realistic about honoring the promises made to our existing circle of artists. This means we will probably be putting out a maximum of two or at very most three album-size releases during 2013.

What we are now looking for are projects who are more bothered about getting their music out there and releasing through our name, rather than the commercial side of things. We are happy for our artists to always keep 100% of any money they make through download sales, we would only come to a deal with the artist if we were producing a CD EP for them, in which case we would agree on a percentage split, after manufacturing costs.

Something else we want to do more of , are promotional splits / compilations, but on a non-profit basis, either in digital form (as with Tribune Of Shadow), or as low-cost, but high quality CDR's sold at a low rate only, to break even on the manufacturing costs.

So to sum it all up, if you are looking for a label to invest big bucks in an album with a longer production run (1000+ copies), we are probably not the right label for you. Our main output from now on will be in shorter runs of CDR EP's, or short albums runs of 30-100 copies at a time (for our current artists only, at this point).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Koboloris new review - time to forge ahead!

A great review for Koboloris, from Desolation-Infinite,certainly worth a read! Hopefully we will hear more music from Koboloris soon, writing for some new material is set to continue shortly, so we will keep you updated on progress and possible release dates. In the mean time, let them know we want more 90's infused melodic black metal - you can give them a 'like' on their facebook page , listen to all their tracks on the Koboloris Last .FM page or go and download their 4-track debut EP, free, from Bandcamp!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The week it all kicks off!

This week is something of a momentous occasion for our label, as we take our first steps towards releasing music as it should be released - in physical form, albeit on a fittingly underground scale ..

On Wednesday 30th January, the Three Rooks Records online shop will open. With just one item to sell so far (Miseria Visage's debut EP), we are hoping to grow the shop in the coming months with more CD releases, and possibly some other merch items such as t-shirts etc.

Fans of Miseria Visage should certainly check out this interesting and thorough review from Sorrow Eternal.

Also, Mourning Hours is currently working on a new album, so hopefully we will be doing a physical release of this too, later in 2013.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Koboloris - changes to release schedule

Koboloris will no longer be releasing their second EP at the end of February, but will be moving the date of the next release to later in the year. However, there is a good chance that demo tracks and bootleg's will appear between now and their next release. We will keep you updated with the details!

Don't forget Koboloris have their own bandcamp page now, where you can still download their debut EP, free of charge, if you don't have it already, what are you waiting for?!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Here! Tribune of Shadow EP release.

The wait  is over. We are now proud to present  the latest 3-way split/sampler EP - Tribune of Shadow, free to download from the Three Rooks Bandcamp page! Please support the artists who made this possible.