Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obscure schemes of conquest..

Good news! If you enjoyed Koboloris's debut track, there is more music on the way, sooner than expected. You won't have to wait until the main demo EP release date to hear some new material as they will be making public a couple of one-off bootleg recordings very soon. This is some of the very first music ever written by the band, but remixed and remastered.

If you are yet to check out Koboloris, we highly recommend that you do so, after all, their debut song is free to download from our official bandcamp page. You can get a high quality audio download of "Malign Inspiration" in any file format you desire, for zero money, a win-win situation.

Stay sharp, more good stuff is on the way soon!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

May we present... Koboloris.

As promised, we are proud to reveal the very first band on Three Rooks. Hailing from the desolate hills of Yorkshire, may we present our very finest purveyor of blastbeats and dark riffs- Koboloris.

You can listen right now, to their first demo song "Malign Inspiration", on the Three Rooks Bancamp page.

Koboloris are currently working on a four-track demo release which will be unleashed soon. You can support Koboloris and find out more on their Reverbnation page, Also, let us know what you think of their debut track by leaving us a comment here, or on the Three Rooks facebook page.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6 days to go .. the time is nigh.

The time is nearly upon us, only six days remain until we announce our very first artist!
I thought it was time we revealed a few more details about our primordial band:

-They are UK-based and not a solo project.

-The first song will be available for free download through the Three Rooks Bandcamp and the band's own Reverbnation page ( soon to be revealed ).

-Expect them to follow up with a four track demo release, some time between late July and the end of August this year.

-Live shows and a video are on the cards.

-Soon we will be seeking out zines who would be interested in reviewing their first four-track demo release and/or conduct interviews with the band. Let us know if you fall into this category, although chances are we will contact you first, preference is for black metal/extreme metal zines.

-Expect a dedicated official band website soon!

Friday, June 15, 2012

The countdown artist release date set!

It has been decided. June 26th will be the date we reveal the first ever band to grace the roster of Three Rooks Records!

On that day we will reveal our first band's name, logo, maybe a photo or two, plus a free song for you to download and share at your pleasure. This is not a bootleg or a half-baked teaser track, but a full-on album quality song, recorded and produced by our in-house studio.

Take note and get ready!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plan of attack!

Things are coming along well for our primordial band.
We will reveal their name and logo, along with their fist demo song, within the next month!

We now have a final mix for that important first track. While producing this song, our band has really started to form it's own recognisable sound, we made some decisions in the recording and mixing process that contributed to this, so we now have the musical blueprint to apply to the other songs under development.

This isn't going to be generic sounding by any stretch of the imagination. Finding that balance between organic rawness and clarity, was challenging, but now all the elements fit together very well. Forget your artificial clicky triggered drum sounds and scooped guitars, we've got something much better.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Manifesto

I think it's about time I tried to sum up what Three Rooks is about, so here is our manifesto, if you like.

It's all about dark, honest, heavy music that is free of pretensions and created with genuine passion.

At the moment we are especially receptive to musical genres such as Black Metal, Primitive Death Metal or Dark Ambient. That's not to say we cannot work with other metal sub-genres, in theory any of the heavier forms of music could make our roster, as long as our core values run though it.

Good composition, intelligent songwriting and lyrics will always, and should always, shine through, regardless of what a rancid music industry deems to be fodder for the masses. Solo artists are also valued as much as bands, a big sound does not always stem from numbers.

We don't care much about image, not that we would refuse to work with an artist who had a visual stage show, but it would have to be something very much second to the quality of the music and a personal expression of that artist as opposed to a fad of many. Album art, however, is a different beast altogether and we value this a great deal.

We are not the marketing department of some corporate entity, but we will provide you with quality sounds.

There you have it, for now.