Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Youtube channel and artist progress ..

Three Rooks Records is now on youtube! Over the next few days we will be uploading videos from all our artists, where they can be viewed on the Three Rooks Records youtube channel , content will also be updated with new promo videos, release previews and maybe even some full-on music videos at some point in the future.

Vocal recording for Koboloris's first new song since their debut EP, will start tomorrow! This track will form part of the blueprint that will make up the songs on their new longer EP which will be ready around the end of February 2013.

Miseria Visage's progress in the studio is also good, having recently finished all the guitar tracks on the debut EP 'Vanish into Dark' which will be released in January 2013.

However, before all that happens, expect the debut EP 'Infernal Solitude' from Bergelmir, a release date will be announced soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Morodh- New Review, plus Miseria Visage update!

Good news for fans of Morodh - we have a newly published review of 'Lost in Life' from Sorrow Eternal Blog. We reccommend checking out this insightful and well-written review, sure to be of interest to anyone following Morodh's progress!

You can read it here -

Also, things are progressing well for Miseria Visage. Guitar recording and drums for the forthcoming EP 'Vanish into Dark' is pretty much complete! A release time of January 2013 now seems certain for this five track EP that will be available primarily on CD. Don't forget to follow this project on the Miseria Visage Facebook page, the demo single 'Offering' is a must-listen for all fans of symphonic black metal!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Miseria Visage - Release Plans!

Having already revealed the first demo single 'Offering', Miseria Visage is already moving on to greater things with an EP release now being recorded. 

'Vanish into Dark' will be available in both CD and download format. Fans who pledge their alligence by buying the CD will be rewarded with an additional song, making this a five track EP!

No release date has yet been set, but expect 'Vanish into Dark' to arrive around January 2013, until then - check out the debut song 'Offering', and don't forget to go and like new Miseria Visage Facebook page .. 

Miseria Visage - Offering from Three Rooks on Vimeo.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Koboloris - new plans and promo video!

Koboloris have started working on their next EP, with guitars and bass already recorded for their first new
song. So far, the new material is sounding closer to its black metal roots, with more emphasis on building dark guitar melodies and less on the symphonic approach of their first self-titled EP. It will be well into 2013 before the new release takes form, so for now, here is a new promo video of what we think is the best song from their debut - Astral Gate to the Infernal ...

Koboloris - Astral Gate to the Infernal from Three Rooks on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New artist announcement - Miseria Visage !

We are proud to welcome Miseria Visage to the label!

Miseria Visage is a symphonic black metal project with a difference. While not being afraid to experiment with neo-classical guitar melodies and orchestration, furious black metal vocals and punishing blast beats keep this music firmly in a cold, dark realm of its own. The project creates music around the 'Face of Misery' concept, with 'Visage' representing the face or the self, and 'Miseria' - the Latin word for Misery.

Miseria Visage's first demo single 'Offering' is available now as a free download from the Three Rooks Bandcamp, complete with artwork and liner notes! Also, look forward to a debut EP scheduled for 2013, the work-in-progress song from this release 'Vanish into Dark' can be heard on our Soundcloud page.

Friday, November 9, 2012

CD releases + new artists - Coming Soon!

Good news! Things are moving forward - we are now have the option of releasing music on CD's as well as downloads. Also - We are unveiling a new artist tomorrow!

Our discs will have full on-body print in mainly black and white, or sometimes black on silver, in batches of 30 discs at a time. Packaging will range from wallets or slim cases for EP's and demo's, or Jewel Cases for larger albums or whatever bizarre packaging options the artist wants to create.

The next stage is for us to finish creating our online shop where albums can be purchased, initially we will be shipping to the UK, Europe, Russia and the US, but our reach may expand as things develop.

Look forward to some CD releases in the near future and the new dark music we will be bringing you.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three Rooks Records - The Interview!

About a week ago Sorrow Eternal Blog gave me the chance to talk about what goes on behind the scenes of a small label, the state of the music industry and what the future has in store! Now, the Three Rooks interview is online, check it out right here -