Monday, April 4, 2016

Three Rooks are flying the nest..

Signs are that our long hibernation could be coming to an end. We are now committed to making 2016 the year that we once again have the chance to sort things out and get back to doing what we do best - bringing new dark and heavy music to your ears. 

Our new mission is to broaden the scope of our collective with new projects and new genres, spreading our wings into Industrial, Gothic and Dark Electronic territory. 

Its also been too long since we've taken on some serious studio projects. The audio production arm of Three Rooks is back, currently working hard to produce music with a fantastic new band that we will unveil soon, of course it will come as no surprise that an ex. member of Miseria Visage is involved.

However, we also want to open up the studio to other bands and projects too! It is through collaboration and combining resources as well as talent, that underground artists can best flourish and prove their artistic worth.

Stay with us - great things will be happening soon.