Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morodh new split EP 'Lost in Life' is released!

We are proud to announce that Lost in Life is now officially released and ready for download!

This four track digital release, features both Morodh and People Are Mechanisms, two of the best depressive projects to come out of Russia and is a must-hear split EP for anyone who enjoys the dark music at it's most well-crafted.

Head over to the Three Rooks Bandcamp to get your digital download now, which includes full size cover notes and artwork ..

For those who want to own the physical release, it is available on tape from Dark East Productions.

Today will be a good day ..

Get Ready. Later today we will reveal the full digital download version of the EP many of you have been waiting for - Morodh's split with People Are Mechanisms 'Lost in Life'!

Also, on November 1st we will announce a new project on the label!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mourning Hours EP - re-mastered version !

Good news for fans of Mourning Hours! You can now download a special re-mastered version of the
 "A Journey From Here to Nothingness" EP, straight from the Three Rooks Records bandcamp page!

Please share with your friends and help spread the word about this great project ..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Preview Video from Morodh!

You can now get a glimpse and a listen of what to expect from Morodh's split EP with People Are Mechanisms, check out the video teaser for 'Lost in Life' right here! -

Friday, October 19, 2012

Signs of life from Koboloris!

I'm happy to announce that recording activities have started once again for Koboloris, heralding a new time of creativity and renewal for this two-man black metal riff-machine of a project.

The new music so far is all about dense, dark layers of guitar, more of a wall of sound approach than before. Keyboards are so far being kept to a minimum, a departure from the symphonic elements of the self-titled demo EP released in August, although I anticipate the synth to resurface at some point, just not as dominant as before.

At this time, there is no date set for any new releases, nothing has really been decided, but things are moving in the right direction, songs are being written, some rough guitar and drum tracks have already been recorded, so far it's sounding good!

Don't forget you can get Koboloris's existing EP, free, right here -

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Morodh split EP date announcement!

Good news for fans of Morodh! We are proud to announce that October 30th is the release date of their first EP release 'Lost in Life'! The EP is a four track split with People Are Mechanisms, also from Russia, another great Depressive project that you should certainly check out .

Having recently mastered the EP, as part of my work with Three Rooks Production, I can say this is certainly some of the best material I have worked with and deserves a listen from anyone who calls themselves a fan of depressive BM or dark and heavy music in general.

'Lost in Life' will be available as a download from our bandcamp page and from Dark East Productions on cassette tape ( limited to 166 copies) and also I now hear, on a limited number of CD's.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dark developments - what our artists are up to ..

The creator of Mourning Hours has been busy with a new 2-man project, this time melodic black metal with a touch of folk influences known as 'Monarchy of Death', certainly worth checking out their facebook page. I'm looking forward to hearing the vocal versions of their demo tracks. They have promised a set of demo songs will be ready by the end of the winter!

Bolverk of Bergelmir is currently working on recording songs for the upcoming EP 'Infernal Solitude', with the current focus being a song entitled 'Caught up in a world of black despair', scheduled for around the end of the month, this EP is one not to miss for all fans of dark, cold, atmospheric sounds.

Morodh are getting ready to release their split EP 'Lost in Life', the exact date of the release will soon be announced, don't forget this will be available in both digital format (from us) and in tape form from Russian label 'Dark East Productions'!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New artist announcement - Bergelmir

We are pleased to welcome a new artist to our label, in the form of Bergelmir, a new one-man project from Texas, USA! Named after one of the Frost Giants from Nordic mythology, Bergelmir has a suitably cold sound, evoking barren atmospheres with minimal production. This is raw depressive black metal.

Bergelmir is the creation of Bolverk (all instruments & vocals), the debut EP 'Infernal Solitude'  will soon be ready, while you wait, we recommend checking out the first song 'Niflheim' on youtube!

Video version of the song 'Niflheim'  ..

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October .. just got darker

Great news for fans of the darkest of metal music! Firstly, as anyone following our artists will know, we are very excited about the upcoming release 'Lost in Life' from Morodh, arriving in digital form in late October. I have heard some of the final mixes from the Morodh + People Are Mechanisms split and they sound very powerful and expertly crafted, this really is depressive black metal at it's finest...

What we have not yet told anyone, is that we have a new artist waiting to be unveiled this month, which will happen in a few days time!

I think we can agree that October is going to be the most active month so far for our label and for our artists, please look forward to what we have in store and spread the word to as many friends as possible, we are lucky enough to have some seriously great music here that needs to be heard!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Koboloris full EP+bonus track now on soundcloud ..

It's now easier than ever before to hear all of Koboloris's demo tracks, including the full EP released this August. We have made all their music available for streaming and free download on soundcloud, including the early bonus track 'Lupinotuum'.

Expect Koboloris to start recording material for their second EP very soon!