Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Artist Announcement!

It is time to announce a new artist on Three Rooks Records! We are proud to welcome Mourning Hours to our roster, an excellent DSBM / Doom project hailing from Dhaka BD, with a demo single "Us & Despair" available for your listening pleasure..

We look forward to supporting the future releases of Mourning Hours and recommend checking out the project's facebook page and youtube channel, where plenty of new tracks are available to hear!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The wheels are set in motion ..

August is going to be an eventful time for Three Rooks Records..

With only seven days until Koboloris unleash their first EP, the band are already thinking about their future activities, including contributing to a split EP planned for later in the year. 

We also welcome to our label, a new artist whom we will announce very soon!

In addition to this, our official website is currently in the middle of it's design process and progress is good. Soon, we will have a fully fledged web presence complete with an online shop and individual pages dedicated to our artists, streaming the latest music and videos.

For us, it's time to stay focused and also look forward to reading some hopefully interesting reviews of the Koboloris EP, we hope you enjoy it too!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Koboloris EP preview clips video!

Having completed production of the Koboloris EP, we are proud to annouce the tracklisitng and have compiled a new video of song preview clips, for your viewing pleasure..
Tracklist for the EP is as follows:

1.Malign inspiration
2.Obscure schemes of dominance
3.Woods of Kobolorum
4.Astral gate to the infernal

Koboloris EP preview clips from Three Rooks on Vimeo.

On August 31st the Koboloris EP will be officially released and available for free download from the Three Rooks Bandcamp page!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

News from the studio & Free track!!

It's done! We have finally finished the recording and production of the Koboloris debut EP, just in time to do some promotion before the release date of August 31st. In our last session we finished off the very last track on the EP, nailing some intricate bass parts and utterly dark vocals on what is the fastest and most heavy sounding of all the songs.

To celebrate the completion of what has been our focus since March this year, we are giving you the gift of our very first track, click this link to get the free song "Lupinotuum"! Please feel free to share the song with your friends and spread word of our grand schemes that will unfold on August 31st. In the mean time, check out some snaps from our last studio session.

Bass recording rig, cab mic'd up.

Bass in action, captured mid chord change

Tracking bass for "Astral gate to the infernal".

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Snapshots from a darkened studio.

On Tuesday, we (Koboloris) spent the afternoon working on some of the final production tasks before the debut EP is completed, this particular afternoon we had the small matter of goblin-vocals to attend to..

After suffering a computer virus attack, it looked like we would be up against the clock to finish the EP production, however we managed to pull the main mixing computer back from the blink of near oblivion, so only a day of mixing time was lost.

Only a couple more sessions to go and we will be all finished with production and ready to unleash the Koboloris debut EP. In the mean time, here are a couple of snaps of things in our workspace ..

4X10 cab, mainly used for resting things on, also comes in handy for recording bass out of. 

The vocal condenser mic, very handy for capturing the soul-wrenching screams of forest goblins.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Latest developments (Koboloris).

We have now switched the video side of things over to Vimeo, so the new videos for Malign Inspiration and Lupinotuum are now viewable in much better quality!

August 31st is looking likely as the date for the release of Koboloris's debut EP, featuring four tracks and to made available as a download with artwork, possibly in other formats such as CD/Tape later on.

Our production side of the operation at Three Rooks Production will be finishing up the EP soon, with two of the four tracks already mixed and mastered, the final tracks will follow shortly. We are also looking at the option of shooting a full-on music video to accompany one of the tracks from the debut release. August should be an eventful month!