Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morodh split EP details revealed!

We are proud to announce that the title of Morodh's split EP with People Are Mechanisms has been revealed! 

'Lost in Life' will feature two songs from each artist and promises to be a well-crafted slice of Depressive Black Metal from two of Russia's finest acts in the genre. The EP will be ready in late October, when we will release the digital version.

The excellent cover art was created by Mario Polzyn of MOORNEBHEYM ..

People Are Mechanisms:
1.Unfamiliar Trails    2.Empty Midnight Streets
3. Desperation    4.Hopelessness


Saturday, September 22, 2012

October-November progress update - from all our artists!

Things may have got a little quieter on here recently, however don't let this fool you. We have been busy behind the scenes preparing for the next two months, making plans with our small circle of artists for some exciting developments that will take place through October and November!

Here is what you can expect from our artists: 

In late October, Morodh will be releasing their split with 'People Are Mechanisms', two excellent depressive bands from Russia in one download, also available on cassette tape from Dark East Productions.  Find out more about their plans on Ragnaar's blog.

One thing we are now keen to do, is to branch out into new metal sub-genres. In mid-late November we will reveal a new project that takes us in a new direction, towards Avant-Garde and Dark Symphonic territory, in the vein of artists such as 'The Kovenant', 'Diabolical Masquerade' and 'Sigh'! We will reveal this new project along with a debut track (or two maybe),when the time comes!

Koboloris are scheduled to start writing and recording new material very soon. Hopefully we can expect new demo tracks to start appearing late November, we shall see! We are also discussing what the theme and musical direction of the next EP will be. You can get a free download of the Koboloris EP right here.

Having just finished one EP, Mourning Hours wastes no time and is already working on new songs! We are discussing the possibility of adding these to a new split or compilation release and what the theme for this will be. You can download the latest EP 'A Journey From Here To Nothingness' from the Mourning Hours Bandcamp page! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Morodh Release Update!

Morodh will be releasing their split EP with People Are Mechanisms, on two formats, over two labels!
The release will take place late October this year.

We will be handling the digital release version, while Russian label 'Dark East Productions' will produce 166 copies on cassette tape for those who like to own the physical media.

Please lend your support to Dark East Productions and of course Morodh themselves!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Morodh Split EP announcement!

We are proud to announce our new release plans for late Autumn 2012!

Morodh's release will be a split EP with another excellent depressive black metal project, also from Russia - People Are Mechanisms. We are very pleased to be able to work with both artists and bring you what promises to be a well-crafted piece of  musical dark art.

The first thing that struck us when listening to this project, was the quality of composition and depth of feeling in this dark yet powerful music. Everything is stripped-back and honest, with organic production that allows the true tone of the instruments to breathe without being abrasive.

People Are Mechanisms is the creation of Lesnik Stasik, a musician from Ryazan, Russia, whom you can also find here on facebook.

We recommend you take the chance to hear more music from People Are Mechanisms on the project's myspace page or soundcloud.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Plans of conquest.. from September to winter!

Although we have stopped looking over new demo's until December, this does not mean we have no new developments to reveal. In fact, the rest of 2012 will be very busy for us, there will certainly be releases and possible some new bands/projects to announce.

One of our biggest releases will be a Morodh split EP with another artist (who we will talk more about soon), this winter! Morodh are in the studio and we are impressed with the work-in-progress tracks we have heard so far.

Also there are a few potential artists we are keeping an eye on, whom we may decide to do debut releases for between now and December, so keep with us if you are thirsty for new dark and heavy music.

Before the year is over, we also aim to have a website up and running, making music from our artists more accessible than ever, plus room for us expand our operation with an online store for music and merch!
Our first physical releases will not be until well into 2013, but eventually you can expect us to release on limited quantities of cassette tape or CD (10-50 copies).

Anyway, back to running our label ..

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New artist announcement - Morodh!

We are proud to introduce Morodh, from Vladimir, Russia, a new addition to Three Rooks, whom we look forward to working with on future releases!

Formed in May 2011, Morodh are a three-piece band who tackle dark subject matters with excellent musicianship and depth of emotion in their music. Stylistically, Morodh can be described as 'Depressive Black', their sound can shift effortlessly from subtle dark atmospheres to the heavy riffs and strongly constructed rhythms that are a Black Metal tradition.
 Ragnaar - guitars,   Astaroth - vocal,   Andreas - drums.

Morodh are currently in the studio, finishing their songs that will feature on a split EP later this year, we will reveal more details soon. You can keep up with their progress on their facebook page, or Ragnaar's blog!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Here! Koboloris full EP free download + review ..

You can now download the Koboloris EP in full, from bandcamp, for free! Just go to: There is also an interesting review of the EP available for your reading pleasure from Sorrow Eternal Blog.

The 2-piece are already considering their future direction and where to take things after completing this important debut release. Expect an announcement on newly planned Koboloris activities in the near future.

Koboloris guitar-writing session in progress ..