Friday, December 28, 2012

Miseria Visage progress report

With just over thirty days to go,  Miseria Visage is gearing up in preparation for the release of the debut EP 'Vanish into Dark',

This will be the first in-house physical release of Three Rooks Records, through our Official Site.

Finishing touches are being applied to the music, including some additional vocals, final mixing work and mastering. Expect a new preview video (with vocals this time) very soon!

We have been doing some trial printing runs of different disc surface designs, to see which look best in the flesh. After a little more development, the final design will be ready and we can start to replicate the EP discs!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Latest Developments ..

Firstly, Mourning Hours now have a new logo, designed by our in-house photoshop slave, let us know what you think!

Secondly, we have a new review of Morodh's latest split EP 'Lost in Life' from London-based E-zine -
Ave Noctum who review a range of dark cultural materials from albums to films - certainly worth getting acquainted with.  

Thirdly, it's almost time for use to reveal more about the upcoming three-way split EP from Mourning Hours, Koboloris and Miseria Visage. We will be unleashing more information on 'Tribune of Shadow' very soon, fans of those projects, stay tuned!

Don't forget to follow Koboloris and Miseria Visage on their new twitter pages, right here:

Stay with us! The new year will bring forth a variety of awesome metals.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Release Schedule !

We are proud to present our schedule of releases for this winter, packed full of dark music from nearly every artist on our roster. We all know it's the perfect time of the year for cold guitar riffs and blast beats!

28th December 2012 - 'Infernal Solitude', Bergelmir's debut EP, download from Bandcamp, possibly limited CD's on demand. Raw, depressive BM with a cold atmosphere.

15th January 2013 - 'Tribune of Shadow', 3-way promo split EP featuring Mourning Hours, Miseria Visage and Koboloris. Each artist is contributing two tracks, some unique to this release, some from upcoming releases in the near future. A taste of things to come. Free download from Bandcamp.

30th January 2013 - 'Vanish into Dark', debut EP from Miseria Visage, two versions:
Version one:  6 track audio CD, limited to 30 copies first press, on sale from the Three Rooks Official Site.
Version two: 4 track digital download from Bandcamp, name your own price.
Symphonic BM with lots of melodic twists and turns, still retaining darker, heavier moments.

27th February 2013 - ?? The second EP release from Koboloris, as yet unnamed, at least 6 tracks on audio CD limited to 30 copies first press, possibly a Bandcamp download version too. Riff driven melodic BM with a darkly epic feel and punishing rhythms. Currently being recorded and mixed.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New 3-way split release announcement!

We are proud to announce a new three-way split EP, scheduled
 for release on January 15th 2013 ..

'Tribune of Shadow' will be a three-way split between Miseria Visage, Mourning Hours and Koboloris. Each artist is contributing two tracks to this six-song EP, which will give listeners a taste of what is to come later in the year when these three projects release new music of their own.

Best of all, Tribune of Shadow will be free to download from the
Three Rooks Bandcamp and Three Rooks Records website, as a promotional EP to showcase the new works of the contributing musicians.

More details on the EP will be revealed nearer the time of release,
and also don't  forget to follow the progress of our three artists on facebook:

-Miseria Visage Facebook Page-

-Mourning Hours Facebook Page-

-Koboloris Facebook Page-


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miseria Visage release date and details!

Good news for fans of Symphonic or Avant-Garde Black Metal ..

We can now reveal that the release date of the Miseria Visage debut EP will be January 30th 2013!

'Vanish into Dark' will be available in two versions -
Firstly as a CD EP with 6 tracks (that's two bonus tracks!), limited to a first press of 30 copies, secondly
as a 4 track digital download via Bandcamp where you can name your own price!

Expect Vanish into Dark to be the first release to arrive in our new online store that will soon be launched.
We will also publish the tracklist soon! Check out the teaser video for a taste of what to expect ..

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mourning Hours - new album and logo plans!

A new release is planned for Mourning Hours, and should be ready by mid-2013! This time, it will be a full length album, with the first pressing limited to 30 CD copies. Soon, we will also unveil a new logo for the project.

You can hear the first work-in-progress track, right here from the Mourning Hours Soundcloud page -

Don't forget to like the Mourning Hours Facebook page .

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bergelmir Release News!

Good news for fans following the progress of Bergelmir's debut EP! We are proud to announce that 'Infernal Solitude' will arrive in late December 2012, during the Yuletide period. You might say this raw and depressive form of black metal is the perfect antidote for those of us who tire of the forced-jollity and commercial frenzy of this particular festival ..