Saturday, July 6, 2013

A resurrection is planned ..

Finally, some good news! I've made plans for Three Rooks to make a return to the land of the living and re-open as something new.

I hope to be able to unveil this new incarnation, 'Three Rooks 2.0' if you will, by the end of August this year.

New features:

Artists Collective:
Rather than strictly a label, Three Rooks can be a place where similarly minded musicians can promote their work, and get their upcoming releases and news blogged about (this can include stuff they have done on other labels, or self-releases). I'd also like to make it somewhere where musicians can get together to arrange for collaborations or split releases.

Sometimes a micro-label:
Occasionally, we can act as a label for artists who want a platform for their early-days releases, mainly being for demo's and EP's, or in some cases, for albums that would otherwise be self-released.
We will keep this section small and manageable, so there will be no public submission of demo's, it will just be for the people we already know or who become part of the collective.

Distro / Shop:
The last feature to eventually arrive will be a distro / online shop. This will be linked to the main website and bandcamp. We are open to the idea of stocking mainly demo's or EP's for artists in our collective who want that feature, possibly trading with other small labels. Formats will mainly be digital or CD-based short runs of a DIY type nature, but good quality and NOT overpriced like some labels do.


I'm also pondering the idea of making a change to the actual name of the collective, perhaps 'Three Rooks Music' rather than 'records', if anyone has any thoughts on this, or the new direction in general, feel free to chip in and leave a comment on here or our facebook page / twitter.