Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New artist: Meister

Its not every day that I have the pleasure of announcing a new band, but today is one of those days!

Meister is an Industrial metal band from York, England. Expect uncompromisingly heavy riffs, baritone vocals, lyrics like the darkest gothic poetry you could ever hope to stumble across, all over a backdrop of synth orchestras and cold mechanical beats. Did we mention a member of Miseria Visage is involved?!

There is no doubt that Meister marks a departure for Three Rooks, our first foot in the door with electronic music, yet at the same time there are undeniably strong metal elements to their sound.
You can keep up with the exploits of these electro-metal deviants on the Meister facebook page.

So what comes next? Meister are just about to start recording their first EP, which we will be bringing to your ears as soon as its hot from the studio! After that, its time to go on the hunt for live- perfomance opportunities, likely kicking off with club shows in their native UK, naturally we will keep you updated with all things Meister-related from now on!


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