Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb-March 2013 artists progress report!

So what are our artists up to?

Morodh went back into the rehearsal studio recently and are writing material for their first album-length release! You can keep up-to-date with Morodh's activities through Ragnaar's blog.

Miseria Visage is in the process of planning and collecting ideas for a new work, after only just releasing their first debut CD EP 'Vanish Into Dark' which you can get right now, from bandcamp!
You can get insights from the darkly eccentric world of Miseria Visage by visiting Theta's blog.

Mourning Hours is currently writing music for a new album, so far we've heard some samples of work-in-progress tracks that sound great, looking forward to this one. We are planning a short run CD release for this new work. Find out more on the Mourning Hours website.

After writing some new material for our 'Tribune Of Shadow' sampler, Koboloris has taken a short break to recharge their creative energies. Now they are showing signs of a new direction, centered around a different approach to the guitar sound and drums. You can hear a sample of this on soundcloud.

Bergelmir is waiting for the right conditions to finish off recording the debut release 'Infernal Solitude', you can't rush work like this, we know when it's ready we will have some excellent raw DBM on our roster. 
Check out the demo song 'Niflheim' on youtube!

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