Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breaking the silence ..

We've been quiet recenty, so I decided it was time to give everyone a heads-up on the state of our label and what we're going to be doing for the year ahead.

Tough times for funding our label have forced us to re-think how we look at demo's and be realistic about honoring the promises made to our existing circle of artists. This means we will probably be putting out a maximum of two or at very most three album-size releases during 2013.

What we are now looking for are projects who are more bothered about getting their music out there and releasing through our name, rather than the commercial side of things. We are happy for our artists to always keep 100% of any money they make through download sales, we would only come to a deal with the artist if we were producing a CD EP for them, in which case we would agree on a percentage split, after manufacturing costs.

Something else we want to do more of , are promotional splits / compilations, but on a non-profit basis, either in digital form (as with Tribune Of Shadow), or as low-cost, but high quality CDR's sold at a low rate only, to break even on the manufacturing costs.

So to sum it all up, if you are looking for a label to invest big bucks in an album with a longer production run (1000+ copies), we are probably not the right label for you. Our main output from now on will be in shorter runs of CDR EP's, or short albums runs of 30-100 copies at a time (for our current artists only, at this point).

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