Saturday, October 6, 2012

October .. just got darker

Great news for fans of the darkest of metal music! Firstly, as anyone following our artists will know, we are very excited about the upcoming release 'Lost in Life' from Morodh, arriving in digital form in late October. I have heard some of the final mixes from the Morodh + People Are Mechanisms split and they sound very powerful and expertly crafted, this really is depressive black metal at it's finest...

What we have not yet told anyone, is that we have a new artist waiting to be unveiled this month, which will happen in a few days time!

I think we can agree that October is going to be the most active month so far for our label and for our artists, please look forward to what we have in store and spread the word to as many friends as possible, we are lucky enough to have some seriously great music here that needs to be heard!

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