Friday, October 12, 2012

Dark developments - what our artists are up to ..

The creator of Mourning Hours has been busy with a new 2-man project, this time melodic black metal with a touch of folk influences known as 'Monarchy of Death', certainly worth checking out their facebook page. I'm looking forward to hearing the vocal versions of their demo tracks. They have promised a set of demo songs will be ready by the end of the winter!

Bolverk of Bergelmir is currently working on recording songs for the upcoming EP 'Infernal Solitude', with the current focus being a song entitled 'Caught up in a world of black despair', scheduled for around the end of the month, this EP is one not to miss for all fans of dark, cold, atmospheric sounds.

Morodh are getting ready to release their split EP 'Lost in Life', the exact date of the release will soon be announced, don't forget this will be available in both digital format (from us) and in tape form from Russian label 'Dark East Productions'!

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