Friday, September 7, 2012

Plans of conquest.. from September to winter!

Although we have stopped looking over new demo's until December, this does not mean we have no new developments to reveal. In fact, the rest of 2012 will be very busy for us, there will certainly be releases and possible some new bands/projects to announce.

One of our biggest releases will be a Morodh split EP with another artist (who we will talk more about soon), this winter! Morodh are in the studio and we are impressed with the work-in-progress tracks we have heard so far.

Also there are a few potential artists we are keeping an eye on, whom we may decide to do debut releases for between now and December, so keep with us if you are thirsty for new dark and heavy music.

Before the year is over, we also aim to have a website up and running, making music from our artists more accessible than ever, plus room for us expand our operation with an online store for music and merch!
Our first physical releases will not be until well into 2013, but eventually you can expect us to release on limited quantities of cassette tape or CD (10-50 copies).

Anyway, back to running our label ..

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