Saturday, September 22, 2012

October-November progress update - from all our artists!

Things may have got a little quieter on here recently, however don't let this fool you. We have been busy behind the scenes preparing for the next two months, making plans with our small circle of artists for some exciting developments that will take place through October and November!

Here is what you can expect from our artists: 

In late October, Morodh will be releasing their split with 'People Are Mechanisms', two excellent depressive bands from Russia in one download, also available on cassette tape from Dark East Productions.  Find out more about their plans on Ragnaar's blog.

One thing we are now keen to do, is to branch out into new metal sub-genres. In mid-late November we will reveal a new project that takes us in a new direction, towards Avant-Garde and Dark Symphonic territory, in the vein of artists such as 'The Kovenant', 'Diabolical Masquerade' and 'Sigh'! We will reveal this new project along with a debut track (or two maybe),when the time comes!

Koboloris are scheduled to start writing and recording new material very soon. Hopefully we can expect new demo tracks to start appearing late November, we shall see! We are also discussing what the theme and musical direction of the next EP will be. You can get a free download of the Koboloris EP right here.

Having just finished one EP, Mourning Hours wastes no time and is already working on new songs! We are discussing the possibility of adding these to a new split or compilation release and what the theme for this will be. You can download the latest EP 'A Journey From Here To Nothingness' from the Mourning Hours Bandcamp page! 

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