Monday, June 4, 2012

The Manifesto

I think it's about time I tried to sum up what Three Rooks is about, so here is our manifesto, if you like.

It's all about dark, honest, heavy music that is free of pretensions and created with genuine passion.

At the moment we are especially receptive to musical genres such as Black Metal, Primitive Death Metal or Dark Ambient. That's not to say we cannot work with other metal sub-genres, in theory any of the heavier forms of music could make our roster, as long as our core values run though it.

Good composition, intelligent songwriting and lyrics will always, and should always, shine through, regardless of what a rancid music industry deems to be fodder for the masses. Solo artists are also valued as much as bands, a big sound does not always stem from numbers.

We don't care much about image, not that we would refuse to work with an artist who had a visual stage show, but it would have to be something very much second to the quality of the music and a personal expression of that artist as opposed to a fad of many. Album art, however, is a different beast altogether and we value this a great deal.

We are not the marketing department of some corporate entity, but we will provide you with quality sounds.

There you have it, for now.

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