Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6 days to go .. the time is nigh.

The time is nearly upon us, only six days remain until we announce our very first artist!
I thought it was time we revealed a few more details about our primordial band:

-They are UK-based and not a solo project.

-The first song will be available for free download through the Three Rooks Bandcamp and the band's own Reverbnation page ( soon to be revealed ).

-Expect them to follow up with a four track demo release, some time between late July and the end of August this year.

-Live shows and a video are on the cards.

-Soon we will be seeking out zines who would be interested in reviewing their first four-track demo release and/or conduct interviews with the band. Let us know if you fall into this category, although chances are we will contact you first, preference is for black metal/extreme metal zines.

-Expect a dedicated official band website soon!

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