Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Release Schedule !

We are proud to present our schedule of releases for this winter, packed full of dark music from nearly every artist on our roster. We all know it's the perfect time of the year for cold guitar riffs and blast beats!

28th December 2012 - 'Infernal Solitude', Bergelmir's debut EP, download from Bandcamp, possibly limited CD's on demand. Raw, depressive BM with a cold atmosphere.

15th January 2013 - 'Tribune of Shadow', 3-way promo split EP featuring Mourning Hours, Miseria Visage and Koboloris. Each artist is contributing two tracks, some unique to this release, some from upcoming releases in the near future. A taste of things to come. Free download from Bandcamp.

30th January 2013 - 'Vanish into Dark', debut EP from Miseria Visage, two versions:
Version one:  6 track audio CD, limited to 30 copies first press, on sale from the Three Rooks Official Site.
Version two: 4 track digital download from Bandcamp, name your own price.
Symphonic BM with lots of melodic twists and turns, still retaining darker, heavier moments.

27th February 2013 - ?? The second EP release from Koboloris, as yet unnamed, at least 6 tracks on audio CD limited to 30 copies first press, possibly a Bandcamp download version too. Riff driven melodic BM with a darkly epic feel and punishing rhythms. Currently being recorded and mixed.

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