Saturday, November 10, 2012

New artist announcement - Miseria Visage !

We are proud to welcome Miseria Visage to the label!

Miseria Visage is a symphonic black metal project with a difference. While not being afraid to experiment with neo-classical guitar melodies and orchestration, furious black metal vocals and punishing blast beats keep this music firmly in a cold, dark realm of its own. The project creates music around the 'Face of Misery' concept, with 'Visage' representing the face or the self, and 'Miseria' - the Latin word for Misery.

Miseria Visage's first demo single 'Offering' is available now as a free download from the Three Rooks Bandcamp, complete with artwork and liner notes! Also, look forward to a debut EP scheduled for 2013, the work-in-progress song from this release 'Vanish into Dark' can be heard on our Soundcloud page.

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