Wednesday, August 15, 2012

News from the studio & Free track!!

It's done! We have finally finished the recording and production of the Koboloris debut EP, just in time to do some promotion before the release date of August 31st. In our last session we finished off the very last track on the EP, nailing some intricate bass parts and utterly dark vocals on what is the fastest and most heavy sounding of all the songs.

To celebrate the completion of what has been our focus since March this year, we are giving you the gift of our very first track, click this link to get the free song "Lupinotuum"! Please feel free to share the song with your friends and spread word of our grand schemes that will unfold on August 31st. In the mean time, check out some snaps from our last studio session.

Bass recording rig, cab mic'd up.

Bass in action, captured mid chord change

Tracking bass for "Astral gate to the infernal".

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