Thursday, July 5, 2012

New song / video from Koboloris!

Writing and recording for the Koboloris debut EP is progressing nicely, however, while you wait, there are a few hidden gems we would like the share with you. The first of these is a raw bootleg track in the form of a song called "Lupinotuum", the very first song ever composed by the band back in May of this year. You won't find this on their upcoming EP!

We now also have a Vimeo Channel, and will be using this the share tracks from our bands, studio footage and maybe even full music videos, so it made perfect sense to share the first of Koboloris's bootleg tracks this way too.. please enjoy the song and subscribe to stay in the loop!

Koboloris - Lupinotuum from Three Rooks on Vimeo.

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