Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Setting the melancholia free - Ehrlichkeit

Some of you might remember, several months ago now, we first teamed up with an excellent solo project from the states entitled 'Ehrlichkeit'. Being unique among our artists for creating darkly atmospheric noise, tinged with ambient BM - Ehrlichkeit occupies it's own place in the blackest corners of the imagination. Hence why these latest musical offerings are something not to be missed!

The good news is this - two of Ehrlichkeit's earlier (and rather excellent!) albums have now been made available as free downloads through Dispomaniac Records! Both 'Subterranean Passages' and the self-titled Ehrlichkeit debut have been freed from mundane commercial obligations via the magic of bandcamp. Check them out right here to download, or get hard-copies on CDR/Tape if you desire something less ethereal..

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